Stefanie Teichmann

Group Strategy Director Coca-Cola Europe

"High-quality online games such as Go4Gold have a huge potential to revolutionize the way organizations address the challenge of creating impactful learning experiences in a complex, ever-changing business environment."

Dan Pontefract

Chief Envisioner, Head of TELUS Transformation Office

"We saw our leadership values and attributes brought to life in completely new ways and routinely observed team members engage in Deep Practice while making a concerted effort to share key learnings with those outside the game."

Research & Development

We are inventing the classroom of the future

Why Games & Neuromedia

Ncite Neuromedia's interactive video games activate the brain, engage the mind & inspire the heart of learning.

Edutech Tri-State Pilot

A new model to help kids learn is here. It is being used by corporations to develop their leaders, so why not use it to teach our kids?

Experiential Learning

Discovering and experiencing ideas for yourself when playing video games.

Video Games - The high engagement transformation delivery system

Your brain on games. Hormones at play. Deep practice.

Brains develop best in a stimulus rich environment

Our Game Production Team develops Learning Experiences that have an uncanny capacity to stimulate the brain and make learning significant.

Our data-driven approach measures Real World Impact in Learners who use our products, enabling the transfer of knowledge, from Theory into Practice.

Our Products

Transform your School, University or Workplace

Ignite Leadership

Ignite Leadership is a learning simulation that leaves players with the experience of being a leader rather than leaving them with knowing something about leadership.


Tetra is the music app that teaches you how to speak music fluently by training the ears, eyes, fingers and voice simultaneously without the need for a traditional instrument.

Ignite Soccer/Football

Ignite Soccer/Football is an online training system that teaches the basics of financial literacy.

Ignite The Future

Ignite The Future is a career builder roleplaying game for High School students to find their aspirations and follow their dreams.


With Sentio Play® you can store and analyze Learner Data to track personality, learning styles and competency development in all of your interactive learning products: apps, games, student networks and beyond!

Ncite Neuromedia Team

18+Yr Executive, Marketing, Branding, Digital, Coca Cola, Sony Music Latin, Telus, SANG, Canfield, Sundance Summit.

Award winning writer/director for some of the industry's top companies for leadership development.

30+Yr Executive, Former President & COO Claire’s Stores Inc., 19,000 Employees, 3200 stores, $1.5 Billion Revenue.

Twenty-five years of corporate finance, investment banking, consulting and executive management experience.

Jochen Siess

SVP Game Production

15+Yr Executive, Former Producer EA Sports, Interactive software development, pioneered EdTech, MINI Cooper, BMW.

Steve Galvanoni

Director Corporate Business

20+Yr Executive, Tech, Retail, Mobile, Co-Founder ETC, Meyer’s, Ralph’s, Smiths, Kroger, Thrifty, Payless, Motorola, Cisco.

Denny Weddle

Director, Nevada Education

30+ Yr Executive, NV Government Affairs, Public/Community Relations, Howard Hughes, Pentagon, Vietnam Veteran, 21 Yrs. USAF.

Dr. Philip M. Corkill, Ph.D

Director, Arizona Education, Ncite Ph.D Team

30+Yr PhD., Educational Leadership positions, including Principal, Superintendent, and Faculty member at various Universities.

Dr. Todd Eller, Ph.D

Director, California Education, Ncite Ph.D Team

20+Yr PhD., Educational Psychologist, BabyFirstTV, 40 million viewers, NCSE, AASA, UCLA, U.S. Dept. of Education.

Kevin Moore

Director, California Education

Fmr. school admin K – 8 and high school, Fmr. Vice Mayor City of Santa Clara, San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl 50 Host Committee

Lindsay Blackett

Director, Canadian Operations

Former Alberta Culture Minister. Director of United Way of Calgary since 2014. Former CEO of Chiniki First Nation.

Dr. Joachim Fischer

Senior Advisor

20+Yr conducting research on the relationship between leadership, stress, productivity and health.

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Coca Cola NWEN Business Unit

University of Washington Foster School of Business

University of Montevallo

Los Angeles Community College District

The Public Education Foundation

North Arizona University

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