Leaders who play games are 3X more likely to adopt new behaviors than those who don't.

Ignite Leadership

In traditional training, people forget 75% of everything they are taught within 48 hrs. Ncite games reverse this, producing 98% mastery.

Ignite Leadership


We create leadership games that bridge that gap between "understanding" and real and lasting behavior change.

Our Impact on the World

We are a results driven company. We create engaging game experiences that change behavior and produce measurable results.
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

— Wayne Gretzky
Increase Engagement

Unprecedented 15% raise in engagement scores across Coca-Cola NWEN business unit in regards to leadership in 6 months.
Forecasts show gamification will climb to $2.8 billion by 2016 — with enterprise gamification eclipsing consumer gamification revenue in 2013
— Gartner
A Path to Mastery gives leaders a step-by-step process to change their leadership.
Games provide controllable and measurable simulated environments in which players can safely experiment with different outcomes and behaviors.

Our Games

We create games that our customers say are fun, engaging and wildly successful at developing leaders.
"A game is a problem solving activity, approached with a playful attitude."
- Jesse Schell
An Olympic themed Swim Team Coaching game.
Go 4 Gold
Game designed for the Coca-Cola's top Northwest European leaders to practice new leadership principles. The game resulted in a 15% increase in engagement scores across their business unit.

"We surpassed our expectations and in 6 months we elevated our employee engagement scores in the Leadership category by 15 points - a remarkable feat."
Jennifer Longnion
Senior Director, Global Change Management Lead, Coca-Cola

A Speed Skating Team Coaching game.
Ignite Speed Skating
A multiplayer leadership and coaching simulation designed for TELUS' High Performance Culture embedded with the principles of their Leadership Philosophy presented in both English and French Canadian.
A game for everyone to have access to the benefits of learning and teaching music.
A music education system that teaches novice and experienced learners the fundamental underlying structure of music in an environment specifically designed to facilitate the understanding of music theory before even picking up an instrument.

"A child that learns music is a child that knows how to listen, that knows how to be part of a team, and knows that he's part of something bigger than himself. If we taught music to all the children in Mexico, we could have a very different country."
Alondra de la Parra
Founder and Music Director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas
Our games range from allegorical simulation games to complex systems simulations. They are designed to cause Real World Results. Our work with global brands, non-profits and educators deliver unparalleled experiences that measurably impact their performance.

Game Consulting

We transform leaders and companies through the power of play.
Play connects us to others, it brings out creativity and flexibility, it teaches us to use our will to overcome obstacles and it makes us happy.
We define transformation as "a profound and sustained shift in thought, behavior and performance leading to positive results".
We are interested in play that leads changes in the way we lead. Without the willingness to play, we rarely learn things that are outside of our current framework of knowledge.
Transformation requires two critical elements:
Ignition where people get fiercely engaged in an outcome or a goal.
Deep Practice where people get a chance to practice new skills and behaviors in a safe and fun environment.
"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
— Albert Einstein

About Us, Our Genesis

The Story of the Future of Learning
In 2012 Ncite was born out of a collaboration between Chad LeFevre, a leader in personal growth and development, and Storyworks, an award winning creative agency focused on leadership and talent development. The project examined the use of games to increase the velocity and impact of learning and to create lasting shifts in behavior.

Storyworks was established in 1995 as a game development company and has long been a leader in the innovative use of games and interactive media to build brands, develop culture and grow leaders for their corporate clients.

Storyworks’ interactive team pioneered many of the e-Learning and gamification technologies in use today. This team forms the core of the Ncite Development Team today.

Ncite has a tight focus on transformational gaming and a proven pedigree of innovation and ability to deliver to the top brands of the world over the past 18 years of business.

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