Edutech Tri-State Pilot

A new model to help kids learn is here. It is being used by corporations
to develop their leaders, so why not use it to teach our kids?

Classroom of the future

Between 2016 and 2018, Ncite will pilot the use of neuromedia games in the classroom in 3 States, Nevada, Arizona, California. Working with community leaders, business leaders and a team of educational Ph.D’s, Ncite is leading the charge to finally demonstrate the power of the game medium as the most essential and meaningful medium of this generation of learners.

The objective is to add value by providing a enriching learning experience for students and teachers, while demonstrating the power of learning through neuromedia.

Ncite has significantly invested in the development of several game engines and an initial suite of games that support our integration methodology used at major Fortune 500 companies companies.

We are using the same transformative experience and methods we used to train corporate leaders to teach students. If it works for leaders of some of the largest companies in the world, why not for our students?

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