Why Games & Neuromedia

Ncite Neuromedia's interactive video games activate the brain,
engage the mind & inspire the heart of learning.

Why Games & Neuromedia

We are in the twilight years of the lifecycle of the current educational paradigm and model. There are enough companies out there managing and servicing the status quo. Education can no longer be about what we do, but rather what kids and teachers experience as a result. Rather than trying to fit into what is, Ncite is working with visionaries and forward thinking partners to create what should be.

Our interest is transforming the classroom of the present into the "Classroom of the Future”, providing an end result for this generation of learners - one that optimizes the learning experiences by engaging the brain, exciting the learner, increasing retention, inciting positive behavioral shifts in the classroom, supporting teachers with ancillary content the rounds out the learner experience, and is overall a meaningful learning experience for learner and teacher.

Ncite’s focus is content and content distribution, and the competencies developed and measured through more effective integration and use of technology and media that resonates with this generation.

Vision - Create the Classroom of the Future

Mission - Lead the integration of neuromedia game-based learning methods in the classroom to deliver meaningful, relevant, powerful and effective learning experiences for both teachers and students

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