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How we are forging the Future of Learning

To Play is to explore, compete, overcome challenges, be creative and collaborate with others.

Learning is hard. Student performance is based on their ability to memorize and apply what they remember, all while their brain's chemistry resists change. Unless the brain considers new information to be important and relevant, it will never become significant. This is why our brain forgets 75% of new information in the first 48 Hours.

At Ncite, we create games and apps designed to generate a positive and lasting impact on the learner, experiences that are fun, engaging and wildly proven to be successful at developing competencies and making learning significant.

Our mission is to Transform Education, and we define Transformation as a "profound and sustained shift in thought, behavior and performance leading to positive results". In order to achieve this Transformation, we designed a Methodology that consists of principles and tools to create engaging Educational Game Experiences that are supported by our powerful Technology capable of tracking and measuring Learning Impact.

This data-driven approach enables us to store and analyze learner data such as personality profiles, learning styles and competency development, becoming highly effective in measuring Real World Impact that enables the transfer of knowledge from Theory to Practice.

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